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3rd July 17:00-21:00: Registration and welcome reception

The registration and welcome reception will be held on campus of the Universität der Bundeswehr München in the foyer of the Audimax.


4th July  19:30 : Excursion - Munich insider city tour

Join one of the unconventional city tours and become a Munich insider!  A highly trained team of real insiders will expertly guide you around Munich.  


The citiy center can be conviniently reached by public transport. Further information about the tours will be provided at the conference

5th July 19:00:  Visit to Hofbrauhaus - “Where the whole world meets up!“

HB_Schwemme_0028.JPG pressebild_20090909_02.jpg HB_Helles306.jpg

© BBMC Tobias Ranzinger

Munich, beer and the Hofbräuhaus – they've all belonged together for the past 400 years. Since the early 19th century, the famous beer cellar at the heart of the city has been a magnet for the people of Munich and travelers from every corner of the globe. It’s delicious beer, traditional specialties, legendary Gemütlichkeit and fascinating history have made the Hofbrauhaus into the most famous beer cellar in the world.

All conference participants are kindly invited to experience the Hofbrauhaus Gemütlichkeit at the Platzl in the heart of Munich.


The Hofbrauhaus can be conveniently reached by public transport from the conference venue (Directions, recommended departure from the conference cite 18:15).  Further informations will be provided at the conference.

6th July 19:00: Gala dinner at Schloss Blutenburg


© Schlossschänke Blutenburg

Built as a country residence by Duke Albrecht III in the 1430th the Blutenburg castle on the river Würm still reflects 15th-century atmosphere. Located in the west of Munich is far less crowded however not less picturesque than its famous neighbor the Nymphenburg palace. Through the whole year the moated castle with its spacious bailey attracts attention of many visitors. It is a perfect place for concerts, craft markets, weddings and other festivities.

We hope, that the idyllic atmosphere in- and outside the castle walls together with traditional and international culinary delights will make this evening a memorable gala dinner experience.


We will provide a bus transport to the gala dinner and back. The bus will leave the conference cite at 18:00 and will also stop at the U-Bahn station Neuperlach Süd. The bus the bus from the gala dinner will leave at 23:00.


The city center and the gala dinner location are also connected by public transport.

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