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City of Munich

Munich or Minga, as Bavarian people say, is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, after Berlin and Hamburg, with a population of around 1.5 million. Munich is home to many national and international authorities, it has 3 universities and many other schools, numerous scientific research institutions, major museums and theaters. Its numerous architectural attractions, international sports events, exhibitions, conferences and Oktoberfest attract many visitors from all over the world.

Munich has the strongest economy of any German city. It holds the headquarters of big companies such as Siemens AG (electronics), BMW (car), MAN AG (truck manufacturer, engineering), Linde (gases), Allianz (insurance), Munich Re (re-insurance), Rohde & Schwarz (electronics) and many others. Munich is also a center for biotechnology, software and other service industries.

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Conference Venue – Universität der Bundeswehr München UniBw

Campus 33

Universität der Bundeswehr München is located in Neubiberg just at the city boarder of Munich. It was founded in 1973 with the aim of providing officers and officer candidates with a university education that would also prepare them for civilian careers after their service.  Since its founding, the number of students has been rising steadily: today there are around 3,700 registered students, including 360 women, 50 civilians, and 150 international students and officers.

Divided into the University and a College of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule) Universität der Bundeswehr München offers a total of 13 programs of study in 7 departments of the University and 3 departments of the College.

The university also offers scientists a wide field of subjects for fundamental and applied research. Here the main research efforts are concentrated in the engineering departments.

The researchers there have first-class, state-of-the-art laboratory equipment at their disposal, and their intensive research contributes considerably to the third-party funds flowing into the Universität der Bundeswehr München. As numerous national and international cooperation projects illustrate, the various departments of the university are equally sought-after by industry representatives and other research institutions as project partners.

The Universität der Bundeswehr München is one of Germany’s few campus universities. It covers an area of 140 hectares and contains all facilities which students and lecturers require for successful learning, teaching and research. Most of the students live on campus in dormitory rooms, and none of the lecture halls are more than a 10-minute walk away.

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