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In the poster introduction session all the presenting authors are supposed to briefly introduce the topic of their poster. In the table below all the poster contributions with the poster number and the time sheduled for the poster introduction are listed.

The introduction presentation of your poster  should be maximum 2 slides and 4 minutes long. Do not forget to indicate your poster number in the presentation.

The posters will be presented in the poster session after the respective poster introduction.


    Session 3: Poster Introduction
Poster Number  Introduction time Speaker Title
S3-1 13:30 Surov Alexander Steam, methane and carbon dioxide thermal plasma interaction with perhalocarbons
S3-2 13:35 Francesco Strappaveccia H2020 NanoDome Project: A Multiscale Approach to Gas Phase Nanoparticle Synthesis
S3-3 13:40 Boselli Marco Treatment of infected ex-vivo human skin tissue with a low power atmospheric inductively coupled plasma source optimized through design oriented simulations
S3-4 13:45 Benmouffok Malyk Numerical study of spark generated in a 3D configuration: preliminary results
S3-5 13:50 Wang Fei Theoretical study of Ar-CO2-Fe arc plasmas used in hybrid laser MAG welding: calculation of radiative properties
S3-6 13:55 Müller Meike Cold Atmospheric Plasma Technology for Decontamination of Space Equipment
S3-7 14:00 Lisnyak Marina Numerical modelling of an electric arc and its interaction with the anode
S3-8 14:05 Alkhasli Ilkin Modelling of the Temperature Distribution Inside a Sprayed Particle in Air Plasma Spraying
S3-9 14:10 Bredack Mathias Development of an AC-GMAW process for welding high-strength fine grained steels
S3-10 14:25 Oh Jeong-Hwan Numerical analysis of RF thermal plasma for the preparation of metal boride nanoparticles embedded soft radiation shielding material
S3-11 14:30 Quéméneur Jean Electrical arc movement and commutation modelling in the Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker
S3-12 14:35 Quéméneur Jean Experimental investigations on arc movement and commutation in the Low-Voltage Circuit Breaker
S3-13 14:40 Tanaka Manabu Diode-rectified multiphase ac arc with bipolar electrodes for degradation of electrode erosion
S3-14 14:45 Jeong Hyung Geun Selective synthesis of anatase and rutile TiO2 nanoparticles by DC thermal plasma
S3-15 14:50 Benilov Mikhail
Simple model of current transfer to rod anodes of dc and ac high-pressure arc discharges
S3-16 14:55 Kühn Marvin Plasma actuators for flow control
S3-17 15:00 Valensi Flavien Synthesis and characterisation of carbon nanostructures substituted with boron and/or nitrogen using electric arc plasma
S3-18 15:05 Kirpichev Dmitry Synthesis of oxygen-free TiN compounds nanosized powders in the DC plasma arc reactor
    Session 6: Poster Introduction
S6-1 13:30 Mallon Michael Physical simplified arc model for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process including cathode and anode layers
S6-2 13:35 Atzberger Alexander Investigations of a pulsed current wire arc spraying process
S6-3 13:40 Kozakov Ruslan Combined electrical and optical partial discharge diagnostics
S6-4 13:45 Valensi Flavien Anode energy transfer in a transient arc
S6-5 13:50 Zhong Linlin Effects of Copper on Thermophysical Properties and Net Emission Coefficients of CO2-N2 Mixtures in High-Voltage Circuit Breakers
S6-6 13:55 Cressault Yann Properties of air thermal plasma contaminated with AgC and AgNi vapours resulting from electrodes' erosion
S6-7 14:00 Chen Zhexin Composition of Non-LTE CO2-CH4 Plasma with Condensed Phase
S6-8 14:05 Tanaka Yasunori High rate synthesis of Si/SiOx nanoparticles/nanowires using modulated induction thermal plasmas with controlled feedstock feeding
S6-9 14:10 Kim Keun Su Role of hydrogen in high-yield growth of boron nitride nanotubes by induction thermal plasma
S6-10 14:25 Kirpichev Dmitry Leucoxene carbothermal treatment in DC plasma-arc reactor
S6-11 14:30 Surov Alexander High voltage AC plasma torches with long electric arcs for plasma-chemical applications
S6-12 14:35 Surov Alexander The Investigation of the AC Plasma Torch Working Conditions for the Plasma Chemical Supplement
S6-13 14:40 Tanaka Yasunori Development of a loop type of inductively coupled thermal plasma torch for large-area and rapid surface oxidation of Si substrate
S6-14 14:45 Szulc Michal

Suitability of thermal plasmas for large-area bacteria inactivation on temperature-sensitive surfaces – first results with Geobacillus stearothermophilus spores

S6-15 14:50 Iha Shugo Investigation of Inter-electrodes Plasma Composition in Removal of Oxide layer from Steel Surface by Vacuum Arc
S6-16 14:55 Ilkin Alkhasli Influence of Powder Particles on the Plasma Characteristics in Multi-arc Plasma Spraying
S6-17 15:00 Kodama Naoto 2-D temperature estimation in Ar-O2 induction thermal plasmas for TiO2 nanopowder synthesis
S6-18 15:05 Kirner Stefan Anode surface structure influence on high current moving arcs in atmosphere
    Session 9: Poster Introduction
S9-1 13:30 Dobkevicius Mantas Double-Sided Ion Thruster for Contactless Space Debris Removal
S9-2 13:35 Belinger Antoine Parasitic capacitances in DBD tranformerless power supply: an issue?
S9-3 13:40 Mohanta Antaryami Optical emission spectroscopic study of CH4 plasma during the production of graphene by induction plasma synthesis
S9-4 13:45 Boselli Marco Design oriented modelling for the synthesis process of copper nanoparticles by a radio-frequency induction thermal plasma system
S9-5 13:50 Cressault Yann Plasma of Electric Arc Discharge in Air with Silver Vapours
S9-6 13:55 Uhrlandt Dirk Optical study of anode phenomena in vacuum switching arcs
S9-7 14:00 Valensi Flavien Arc tracking power balance for copper and aluminium wires
S9-8 14:05 Mostaghimi Javad A Novel Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch for Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS)
S9-9 14:10 Wang Panpan Computational fluid dynamic analysis of Plasma Spray Physical Vapor Deposition
S9-10 14:25 He Wenting Excitation temperature and concentration profiles of an Ar/He jet under Plasma Spray-PVD conditions
S9-11 14:30 Ondac Peter Arc-anode attachment area in DC arc plasma torch
S9-12 14:35 Paniel Elodie Study of BSO properties dedicated to measurement of electric charge on dielectric surface
S9-13 14:40 Zhang Hantian Influence of gas medium on the switching arc decaying behav-iour by non-chemically equilibrium calculation
S9-14 14:45 Zimmer Felix Investigations of low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma sources for surface treatment
S9-15 14:50 Hashizume Taro Influence of doped oxide on tungsten-based electrode evaporation in multiphase AC arc
S9-16 14:55 Lee Seungjun Preparation of silicon nanopowder from wafer waste by using thermal plasma
S9-17 15:00 Benilov Mikhail Comparing models of near-cathode sheaths in high-pressure arcs
S9-18 15:05 Mavier Fabrice Pulsed arc plasma jet synchronized with drop-on-demand dispenser
S9-19 15:15 Surov Alexander The Analysis of Physics Processes in the Electric Discharge Chamber of the AC Plasma Torch under the High Pressure of the Working Gas
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